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When I was teenager, I revelled in writing essays at school, knowing that I had a natural flair for poetry and prose. Back then, an Intuitive told me that my palm had a 'Writers Fork' and it was my destiny to write. I loved sharing my poetry to my mum who was naturally very supportive.


At 27, I experienced a mental breakdown and my mental health took a turn for the worse. By the time I was 31, I was completely well and started to make new friends, live independently and work, also.


In my mid-thirties I had the idea for what was to be my first book (Grace); it all started with a dream that I had. And, being a U2 fan, I made their music the background for the book.


I was lucky to find In-Scribe Consultancy and the Founder became my mentor; she helped me establish myself as a writer. This led me to publishing five further books - they are all available on Amazon.


Last year, Grace' was accepted to be published globally and so my work has the chance to reach a much wider audience.


In my books I explore themes like: Cats, mental health, spirituality, loss and friendship - the themes are all woven together in my own unique style.


I am also an aspiring singer/songwriter and I perform regularly.


I hope you that you enjoy reading my books, as much as I enjoyed writing them. When we find Grace in ourselves we can truly change our lives.


As Bono said: "Grace... 
It's the name for a girl
It's also a thought that
Changed the world".


Love and Blessings - Marcia, Lily and the Heavenly Indy xxx 

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