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Very compelling and inspiring read, highly recommend to anyone who has or had mental health issues, absolutely remarkable true story.

Amazon Five Star Review for Grace

A must read for anyone who wants to understand mental health.

I have just finished reading this book and I have to say it really is an important read for anyone wanting to understand what people go through with mental health.
A truly inspiring book about strength, courage and hope.
No one chooses to struggle, but we can all choose to help and understand and give love.
Thank you, Marcia Lake!

Amazon Five Star Review for Grace

Transformational story.

Marcia’s personal story is so gripping and compelling that you’ll have to read it in one go. It speaks of enormous courage to see the potential where others may see obstacles. It reveals the power of one woman to openly speak about her personal struggles, in a very witty & funny way. The ‘Grace’ is a transformational story that should be widely spread to raise awareness about mental health and to empower us to celebrate diversity. Instead of seeing constraints in life, the author draws on her creativity and talents to demonstrate how to live to our full potential.

Amazon Five Star Review for Grace


Every health professional should read this book - it is illuminating in every way. Grace's author, Marcia Lake, is so very talented and creative. She has written about her life with Schizophrenia in such a clear and concise way, there is no illusion here; her words tell the truth of what she has gone through. Yet she has emerged through the fog of mental illness to lead a healthy, happy and fully creative life. In this book she charts her fall into the abyss of illness and then her remarkable journey into full wellness.


This is a quite remarkable book and I urge medical/psychology students and health professionals to read it, so that they may learn more about the actual people they are treating and not the illness alone.

I also hope that sufferers read it too and know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. There is hope. I cannot praise this book highly enough and cannot wait for its sequel.

Amazon Five Star Review for Grace

I just couldn't stop reading it. If you have ever encountered mental illness, there will be something here you will identify with. If you haven't, you will learn more than you would ever imagine.

Amazon Five Star Review for Grace


I am so pleased you have written about mental illness. I too have been through it. I used to drink heavily and severely self harm. Your book has really encouraged me, especially as you have schizophrenia. Like myself you battle each bout of your illness. Well done for persevering. I agree the stigma is still there and people like yourself need to prove we are normal human beings and can lead a very normal life!

Amazon Five Star Review for Grace

Yet another surprise from Marcia! Great imagination and unconventional reflection on life. Searching for the ultimate explanation and understanding of life, through her own experiences, dreams and never ending optimism. Marcia's sharp humour is evident throughout the book, through the sad not so happy times.

Amazon Five Star Review for Under The Ivy

A really lovely, life-affirming book from the author of Grace. I saw that Marcia was rightly featured in the Press again with this her second book and felt I should write a review as I read Under The Ivy when it was first published and thought it was a really one-of-a-kind book. I read it as a follow-on from Grace to see how Marcia progressed in her life - as some of the short stories featured in this book are auto-biographical. I was really impressed again with her creativity and how far she has come in her life. She is a real inspiration to all and I wish her huge further successes.

Amazon Five Star Review for Under The Ivy

Magical, heart-warming and inspirational. Excellent Christmas present!

This collection of heart-warming and magical stories makes for a great Christmas present - or for any other time of the year when you need a bit of spiritual enlightenment. Tackling a range of diverse topics - from teenage drama, romance, cats and travels, to dementia and mental health;  these short recollections share a common string of Angelical revelations. When we feel at our worst, Marcia offers hope that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. She teaches us the wisdom of letting go and learning how to live in the present moment. Great inspiration for practicing mindfulness.

Amazon Five Star Review for Under The Ivy

​Emerald Green is a lovely book of short stories. I'd recommend it to both children and adults.

The stories encourage love and good morals. I loved the book so much, I read it in one go!

Amazon Five Star Review for Emerald Green

A beautiful read. Marcia Lake's book A Tale of Two Cats is a beautiful, heartfelt read. It touched me how Marcia describes her emotional journey with the two special cats in her life. The story hits home with me, having lost a cat myself. I'd definitely recommend this as a read and I bet you, like me, will not be able to put the book down.

Amazon Five Star Review for A Tale of Two Cats

A beautiful read... Marcia Lake's book Beauty and Truth is a great read for any poetry lover or anyone like me that's quite new to poetry. Beautiful poems about friendship, wisdom, love, life and romance!

Amazon Five Star Review for Beauty and Truth

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