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Since the release of Grace in 2013, Marcia Lake has appeared on BBC Radio, in the Press and in a

cover feature/double-page spread in Your Cat Magazine's 20th Birthday Issue.

Your Cat Magazine


“Grace is a story of hope and courage. Described as ‘life-affirming, tear-jerking and true’, Grace burst onto Amazon’s top seller’s list a year ago, attracting much positive feedback.

Author Marcia Lake uses her own personal journey from patient to healer to break down the barriers of mental illness and give an insight into its affect on suffers and those around them. Marcia has proved that despite been diagnosed with Schizophrenia, she has shaken off the shackles of stigma and is managing to live a full and integrated life – courtesy of faith, hope and friendship, as well as her cat, Indy, of course.”

Your Cat Magazine - 20th Edition

Marcia was proud to be interviewed on BBC Surrey & Sussex Radio.

The Crawley News


‘In Marcia Lake's book, Grace, she gives a searingly honest account of her life, recalling how at one stage she was locked in a high-security ward after being diagnosed with Schizophrenia. The 36-year-old is now a poet, singer-songwriter and volunteer who helps cancer patients at a local hospital. Marcia has performed her music on stage in London and is also a published poet. "I had always written songs, but, after my breakdown, I pushed myself to do things. I always wanted to record and perform."

Marcia hopes her book will challenge people's perceptions of mental illness.

"I feel I had the most taboo condition, Schizophrenia, but all mental illness is taboo," she said. "It's got a bad perception and that needs to change. There was a stigma with a lot of illnesses, such as epilepsy, and there was with cancer. Now we have reached the point where we accept cancer and we need to get there with mental health."

Marcia, who had recovered fully from her breakdown by the time she was 30, says,  "I don't believe in feeling sorry for myself. I think cancer is a lot tougher to deal with than mental illness."’

Soul & Spirit's Review

Marcia Lake's Under The Ivy  was featured in

best-selling magazine, Soul & Spirit (March, 2017).

The magazine's Review highlighted Marcia's positivity and the uplifting theme of the book.


Marcia is featured in

renowned magazine, Spirit & Destiny (July, 2017).

In the issue, Marcia relates her affinity to Guides, Angels and her beautiful cat, Indy (named for, Indiana Jones).



Six Things You Never Knew About Spirit Guides, By Marcia Lake

Under The Ivy & Grace Author, Marcia Lake, wrote an EXCLUSIVE ARTICLE for Female First.  

You Can Read It Here


EXCERPT: "Whatever their form, their messages emanate from the heart and are concerned with having a positive impact in our lives."


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