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When Marcia finds coping with day-to-day life hard, she slips into another reality – one where Bono confides in her and Morrissey gives her advice. Her one saving grace is her deep belief that she will get better… and her unabiding love of life. Marcia also finds that prayer, meditation and her faith in Angels pulls her through when the times are tough.


Grace really breaks down barriers and educates the reader as to what mental illness is and what those that suffer with it are going through. It does not sugar coat but tells the story from the point of view of a young, modern lady and her family; describing how they all cope with Marcia’s diagnosis.


Marcia eventually changed from patient to healer – her qualification as a complementary therapist is her pride and joy – she is now living a completely normal life, far away from hospitals and wards. She also composes music to great acclaim, records CDs and plays packed clubs. Marcia is now treated as an equal by all those who meet her – she shows that despite any diagnosis, one can live a full, rich and integrated life – all it takes is faith, hope and friendship… oh, and a cat called Indy.




Under The Ivy is packed with beautiful short stories and essays that all invoke a deep understanding and have a life-affirming Spiritual undertone. It is a perfect follow-up to Marcia Lake’s first book Grace, which was released in 2013 to worldwide acclaim and saw Marcia being praised for her autobiographical story of triumph over adversity.


After being featured in Your Cat magazine’s 20th Birthday Issue, on BBC Radio and also in the Press, Marcia penned Under The Ivy to showcase her skill as an excellent story-teller. Marcia uses her poetic imagination to paint pictures in prose for her readers. Under The Ivy is a collection of stories that have one thing in common - they are all tightly bound with positivity and grace: stories about what life is like for teenage girls who do not live in a perfect world - yet yearn for one - stories that deal with acceptance and stories that deal with bereavement and other forms of loss.


There is a fairytale-like quality that exudes throughout Under The Ivy, yet the book was not written with a younger readership in mind - it is for everyone who has been through unrequited love, who has ever been sad, lonely or lost hope. What Under The Ivy does is build hope - it also builds a path to a new life for the Eternal Girl who appears regularly in the stories. She is the Anima. She is all of us: a dreamer, a hoper, a leader.





Following the success of her first books, author Marcia Lake demonstrates her talent as a poet with Beauty and Truth, her first tome of poetry. This work takes the reader on a journey through life and travels through a myriad of emotions along the way. 

Beauty and Truth touches on the feelings that we all experience at any stage of our lives, and examines them in flu
id form. Starting with the eponymous title, Marcia Lake explains her philosophy of the world around us and then extends that train of thought, touching on her connection to her spiritual side, with Angels. Then, she takes us seamlessly into the Light. Pausing to give acknowledgement for Friendship past and present, the author then sails lucidly through the states of Dreams and Celebration.


Wonder is a poignant theme, whereas Health portrays the immense personal journey that Marcia has been on, which is chronicled in her first book, Grace. The final three themes encapsulate life’s harmony and tell us how Mystery can unfold into a new Wisdom, culminating in Romance: a coming of age and an immersion into ones own destiny.

Beauty and Truth is for poetry lovers of all ages: those who are seasoned enthusiasts and those new to the genre.




Best-selling MBS author Marcia Lake dedicates the poetry of Bluebells to her Mother. Bluebells follows the success of her books: 'Grace,'  'Under The Ivy' and first her poetry collection, 'Beauty and Truth'.


Marcia’s early journey through life had not been an easy one, but her one constant has always been her Mother’s guiding strength and wisdom. The poetry of Marcia Lake captures how the heart feels in any given moment. The world that she creates with her words is surreal and yet grounded, possessing great honesty and purity.


Singer-songwriter Marcia is no stranger to the limelight, as, since Grace was published, she has been featured in magazines and on the radio, but behind the scenes of her success, she owes so much to the love and guidance of her family and friends, for, without them, her unique voice would have never been heard. Whether you are new to Marcia’s work, or have read all of her books to date, this volume of poetry will resonate with you and hopefully bring you peace, clarity and strength of purpose.

Bluebells - Kindle Cover.jpg
A Tale of Two Cats by Marcia Lake




Whether you are new to Marcia Lake's work, or have read all of her books to date, this touching tale of love and subsequent loss of her first cat, Indy, will hopefully bring you peace if you have lost a furry companion - or know that your life would be so empty without your beloved pet.


Indy (named after Indiana Jones), meant the world to Marcia, as he brought a light into her heart that had been dimmed by years of ill health.


In A Tale of Two Cats, Marcia eloquently highlights the joy that Indy gave her and how, after his passing, she found a new zest for living through the uniqueness of her next cat, Lily, with whom she still lives in leafy West Sussex.


Author and singer-songwriter Marcia, and her beloved cat Indy, rose to fame after the publication of 'Grace', Marcia’s highly-acclaimed first book. They even appeared together in a cover feature/double-page spread of Your Cat Magazine's 20th Birthday Issue.





With Emerald Green, author Marcia Lake has created a modern-day Aesop’s Fables, intended for readers of all ages.


The stories take younger readers (and those young at heart) through a myriad of wonder. All of the stories have been styled to evoke a deep sense of belonging and carry a strong moral compass.


Although very much rooted in the present day, there is an almost ethereal link that binds Emerald Green together; it’s ultimately a book about Hope, Caring, Unconditional Love and reaching out in the stillness of life – knowing that Prayers, Dreams and Questions will be answered.


Written with a healing overtone, the collection of modern fables, folklore and fairy tales encourage readers to embrace their uniqueness and ask for help when they don’t understand how the world around them works.


A common thread that runs throughout all of Marcia's work is the use of spiritual symbolism: Angels and Spirit Guides. Marcia wants children (and all of us) to know that it’s all right to have spiritual beliefs and that there is a greater good; a sense of ‘more than us’.

Marcia Lake_Emerald Green_Book


Rainbows & Dreams is the third poetry book authored by Marcia Lake.

With this beautiful collection of poems, Marcia guides the reader through themes that include Life, Love, Hope and Creativity. There is also a section dedicated to the two feline loves of her life: her late cat, Indy and new cat, Lily. Both cats have inspired Marcia to write songs, poetry and prose.

Rainbows & Dreams is a gem of a poetry book that instils in the reader a real sense that everything will be all right, no matter where one begins in life.

Throughout all of her books - poetry and prose - Marcia does not shy away from the truth of life and all of its realities - instead her words transcend life’s complexities and introduce us to its hidden beauty; to its rainbows - and its dreams.

Rainbows & Drea
ms is aimed at poetry lovers of all ages.

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